We are a service company based and registered in Uganda and Turkey since 2015. Vijana agency has been established as a business and investment consultancy company in Uganda and turkey. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of business connections between Uganda and Turkey. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our services; we have now established an office in Istanbul. This is to easily reach out to the biggest business community in turkey that can come together with Ugandans as foreign investors. We have also gone to other areas such as Antalya, Izmir, Diyarbakir and Ankara. Due to the waves of globalisation, Vijana is likely to get more business connections outside Turkey.

Our main services are;

  • International Trade Facilitation
  • Business and Investment Consultancy
  • Marketing, Business Research and PR
  • Tours and Travel
  • Import and export handling
  • Education, Skilling & Exposure